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 Kemo IPTV The most affordable way to watch TV.

With many years of experience, our Premium IPTV Subscriptions, have a playlist of more than 20000 channels in full 4K HD and SD & VODS in Full HD and 4k (latest movies and series updated), and eventually meet your needs

Hundreds of channels to choose from.

Kemo iptv

Kemo iptv Features

This server is a premium IPTV service whose main objective is to satisfy its customers. Like its name, its aspects are also distinctive. The developers have devoted many of their energies to generating a special built-in application. Furthermore, this uniquely designed application is the basis of their fame. From its layout to the operating system, everything is smooth and easy.


The Variety of channels

kemo iptv

The most startling feature of any IPTV service is the cardinality of the channels. Kemo IPTV service provider has a bag full of channels. 

There are about 20.000+ channels with a spicy list of content. Most of the content is from North and South America. So, it’s a USA-based website. 

There is a never-ending list of sports, news, weather, Locals, entertainment, UFC, and kid’s channels with PPV events.

Add any of the channels or show in the favorites. So, it wouldn’t be out of your sight. 

Its dazzling aspects don’t end here. There is a justified list of international content from Mexico, Canada, and many more.

Kemo IPTV VoDs Library

kemo iptv

100,000+ movies and TV shows! 



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The crown of the most reliable service in the market goes to Kemo IPTV. For more than ten years, this spectacular provider has been offering its services. All of the content is legal—no need to worry that the service is illegal or may go down someday. 

Buffer-less Streams

The modernized technology inserted in this application has ended the stumbling rock of buffering. You will forget the word buffering while using Kemo IPTV.

Excellent EPG

After clicking on the channel’s icon, a well-organized layout will appear. On which the channel numbers and their videos along with EPG will display. Its EPG gives the best performance as compared to other IPTV services. Hence, it will be more honest to say that it’s the best IPTV service, provider.

Kemo IPTV Friendly-nature with Devices

kemo iptv

Kemo IPTV is compatible with the following devices:

  • Firestick
  • NVidia Shield
  • Android TV Box
  • Google TV
  • Android TV

Budget-Friendly nature

Kemo IPTV is the most affordable service. No doubt, the monthly package is 15$ only. Seriously, it’s a small figure as compared to the hefty bills of traditional broadcasting.


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